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The philosophy is to offer clients an investment product which is ultra liquid alpha, high absolute returns, low down-side risk, and with down-side protection. We do so by selecting and managing a small and exclusive group of very capable CTA traders with superior return-generating skills. The selection is done bottom-up through our connections and knowledge of traders over decades in the field of Managed Futures. Hundreds of traders have been interview over the years.

The traders have to have identifiable investment edges, good performance, and being suitable for fitting into our investment portfolios. The traders shall have a good trackrecord and demonstrated their return-generating skills.

Traders are in US regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and are also required to go through a FBI deep background check, provide rigorous disclosure documents and independent audits of financial statements every year which are reviewed by the National Futures Association (NFA), a self-regulatory watchdog organization.

Below, the management team is shown. The selected traders are not shown. Return Advisors A/S finds the traders, enters into agreements with the selected traders, and assign them capital allocations in the tailored portfolios of the clients.

  Network Management Team


Jan Bo Jakobsen, M.Sc., Ph.D., DL.
Managing Director & Strategy Manager

Jan Bo works with strategy, portfolio construction, and managing the traders in the DLTAS product and coordinates various inputs and developments.

Jan Bo is M.Sc. in economics from University of Aarhus, Denmark, Doctor of Philosophy in financial economics from University of Southampton, U.K, and DL in leadership from Technical University of Denmark.

He was for several years a tenured Associate Professor of Finance at the Copenhagen Business School and thereafter Chief Portfolio Manager and Partner at Nordea Investment Management where he delivered asset allocation solutions to institutional investors and selling asset management and investments banking products to institutional investors in Denmark and the Nordic countries. Responsible for Strategic Asset Allocation in Norway.

He has had own companies since 2003 creating asset allocation solutions and facilitating sales of investment products to institutional investors given their complex liability side. Due to his experience and insight in the institutional investors challenges Jan Bo has for several years been on the forefront of the needs of institutional investors’ investments and asset allocations. He has in that process worked together with various partners: State Street global Advisors, JP Morgan investment banking, JP Morgan asset management, Goldman Sachs investment banking, and Goldman Sachs Asset management.
Today he focuses on creating and delivering superior return strategies to institutional investors and professional investors who want or need increased returns and lower risk.


Jack D. Schwager, BA, MA.
Due Diligence Director & Strategy

Jack Schwager, who is a recognized industry expert in futures and hedge funds, is doing the due diligence of the potentially suitable managers for the network.

Prior to assuming this role, he was a partner in the Fortune Group, a London-based hedge fund advisory firm, which specialized in creating customized hedge fund portfolios for institutional clients. Mr. Schwager was one of three partners with direct responsibility for selecting managers and constructing portfolios. The Fortune Group was fully acquired by the Close Brothers Group, a U.K. merchant bank, in 2010. His prior experience also includes 22 years as Director of Futures research for some of Wall Street’s leading firms and 10 years as the co-principal of a CTA.

Mr. Schwager has written extensively on the futures industry and great traders (in all financial markets). His first book, A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets (1984) is considered to be one of the classic reference works in the field. He later revised and expanded this original work into the three-volume series, Schwager on Futures, consisting of Fundamental Analysis (1995), Technical Analysis (1996), and Managed Trading (1996). He is also the author of Getting Started in Technical Analysis (1999), part of John Wiley’s popular Getting Started series. Mr. Schwager is perhaps best known for his best-selling series of books based on interviews with some of the greatest hedge fund managers of the past three decades: Market Wizards (1989), The New Market Wizards (1992), Stock Market Wizards (2001), and Hedge Fund Market Wizards (2012). Mr. Schwager is a frequent seminar speaker and has lectured on a range of analytical topics with particular focus on the characteristics of great traders, investment misconceptions, technical analysis, and trading system evaluation. He holds a BA in Economics from Brooklyn College (1970) and an MA in Economics from Brown University (1971).


Jens Peter Fabricius, LL.M., MBA
Director of the Board. Legal & Strategy

JP Fabricius is attorney-at-law and holds an LL.M. (cand.jur.) from University of Copenhagen and University of Oslo, and MBA from Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He has worked in and served on the boards of financial institutions and has being advising businesses under financial supervision on regulatory issues.

JP Fabricius has 10 years of experience as lecturer of commercial contracts at Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen. He has worked for the Danish Justice Department, has served on the City Council of Frederiksberg, and has chaired Public Funds and Boards.

JP Fabricius was member of the board of the Danish Lawyers and Economist Pension Fund with assets in excess of 60 bn. DKK during the dot-com crisis primo 2000 and the latest financial crisis collapse of 2008. He has served as member of the board on numerous companies, holdings, real-estate investments, and as chairman of the board of Frederiksberg Housing Fund with assets in excess of 3 bn. DDK where he secured the necessary changes to mitigate the risks from years of extensive borrowing.    

JP Fabricius has a keen interest in start-up business and has advised hundreds of new businesses spanning all industries and services but with a special focus on business trying to disrupt and innovate the traditional ways of delivering financial services.  

JP Fabricius has 25 years of experience as a lawyer and is a partner and CEO of the Law firm Windahl Sandroos & Co. He specializes in litigation and legal and commercial advice on contracts.



Kim Håkonsson, LL.M.
Chairman of the Board & Legal

Kim Håkonsson is attorney-at-law and holds an LL.M. (cand.jur.) from University of Copenhagen. He has been equity partner in law firms since 1998 and has been advising businesses under financial supervision on regulatory issues.

Kim Håkonsson is partner at Mortang Advokater and is a member of the Board of Directors in a number of financial businesses.

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