Return Advisors offers the product to institutional investors, professional investors, distributors, and HNWI. Professional investors encompass family offices, holding companies, endowments and the like.

Clients will open an account with sub-accounts at ADM Investor Services. Each trader is assigned a sub-account on which the trader is allowed to trade but cannot access money of the account. At any time the client can log onto the accounts and see all positions. Reports can be generated on the fly and are typically sent daily over-night to Europe to the client or administrator as wished. It is fully automated.

The client can at any time close the account if wished. Liquidation will be done within a 24-hours business day. Easy set-up and it is extremely liquid and fully transparent.

Management fee can be zero with just a performance fee subject to a minimum capital size of the mandate, usually, USD 25m.

The product DLTAS

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